MARTYRS FOR CHRIST 70 years Old Swedish Missionary Bargeeta Almby she Went to heaven



70 years old Swedish Missionay shot in Lahore passes away in Sweden

Her Brother has been Confirmed on Swedish  Sveriges  television

Sister Bargetta Almby passed away in Sweden  at the Karolinska Hospital  Stockholm  . She was shot  by extremists Taliban in Lahore, Pakistan on December 3. 70-year-old Swedish Christian missionary spent most of her life in Pakistan for the Gospel . She was taken on 10 the Dec to her native Sweden by an air ambulance, but she couldn’t survive.

Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints. Psalm 116:15


70 years old Swedish Missionary Bargeeta Almby Shot by Taliban on 3rd Dec 2012 she was hospitalized at Jinah Hospital Lahore for 7 days in Critical Situation
On 10th Dec 2012 Morning the Swedish Missionary Bargeeta Almny sent Back Sweden by Medical Air Ambulance by the arrangements of Swedish Government…

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