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MOSQMuslims do not pray to the same God that Christians pray to.

Do Muslims and Christians pray to the same God?
Abd al-Masih

Observing a conscientious Muslim, you will notice that he prays five times a day, each time for about 15 to 20 minutes. Every day, each Muslim bows down before Allah up to 34 times per day, proclaiming his complete surrender to the creator, ruler, and judge of the world. If we as Christians do not learn to pray more intensively and faithfully, Islam will infiltrate our society and swallow us. Islam presents this challenge to Christians.

The Arabic word Islam means, “surrender, devotion, and submission.” A Muslim gives himself to Allah and is bound to him like a slave, therefore, he is no longer a free man. Do we as Christians consciously live our lives devoted to Christ as we once promised or do we live apart…

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